NIU Sharing

A Comprehensive Solution For Free-Float Scooter Sharing

Our Scooter

24/7 Connected, App Operated, Comprehensively Protected

Purpose-Built For Sharing

  • N-Sharing model perfect scooter for free-float platforms
  • Packed with features for effortless riding and managing
  • Keyless start for extra convenience


One tap lets the rider reserve a ride, unlock the helmet topcase, and activate the scooter

Access the battery compartments, receive real time telematics data, and keep a close eye on security

Use the app to lock or unlock the topcase

Open the saddle battery compartment remotely

Fully Connected

Our built in ECU means telematics, abnormal vibration alerts, and vehicle diagnostics are relayed straight to you over the NIU cloud

Our ECU constantly sends live data and alerts to the cloud

Any unauthorized movements or vibrations trigger the on-board alarm system

Comprehensive Security

Our scooter protects itself from theft using a rear motor lock, and its dual-batteries are blocked from use when stolen

Our anti-theft blacklist blocks stolen batteries from unauthorized use

When the scooter detects unauthorized movements,our motor turns in the opposite direction to block theft

Dual Panasonic 60V 29Ah batteries combine for 3.48 KW output


More Data,More Secure

Every NIU has a built-in ECU that relays detailed vehicle data to your backend system through our cloud service.When you have the full picture in real-time, you know your fleet is safe.

Deeper Intelligence

Our built-in ECU interacts with the whole scooter. Real-time battery, motor, brakes, and motion monitoring mean you always know the status of your fleet. More detail than any 3rd party black box.

Total Control

Our Cloud ECU gives you better data than any 3rd party telematics hardware. GPS location, scooter diagnostics, riding history, battery health, and so much more are all at your disposal. You have every tool you need to keep your fleet running.

Vehicle Status

32 on-board sensors check every system 200 times per minute. Our telematics relay you the full picture, so your fleet is easy to maintain.

Comprehensive Security

You are immediately alerted of any threat, and our scooters defend themselves with sensors, alarms, and our motor lock function.

Seamless Integration

Our software is already optimized to work with the best fleet management programs in the industry. Link your API to our platform with just one line of code to save time and money getting off the ground.

A Solution You Can Trust

The best scooter sharing businesses in the world use our platform.

We’ve learned a lot from managing over 400,000 scooters worldwide, and we’ve brought that knowledge to our sharing program. NIU provides a better scooter and a better management network.

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NIU is committed to electrifying urban transportation networks, and we believe sharing platforms are a part of this future.

If you want to learn more about our sharing platform,

have a business inquiry, or any further questions, please send an email to