The NIU "Halo"

The MQi-Series headlamp uses a state-of-the-art silicon on silicon LED technology. This technology outputs greater lumosity while reducing energy use.

Increased Visibility

We found that many competitors did not pay attention to the performance of their headlamp,
so we set out to create a safer ride for you. Our engineered low and high beams
give you a comfortable visibility field.

LED Integrated Taillamp

With 270° of visibility, the MQi-Series taillamp provides an added layer of safety and a distinctive and iconinc design.

A 360° Light Halo

We have designed the lamp structure of the MQi-Series to give you a wraparound halo of safety lighting to ensure that pedestrians and drivers can see you at night.

Auto-off Indicators

We asked ourselves why do we always have to toggle-off indicators after making a turn,
so we decided to use automobile technology that automatically
turns a blinking indictor off after the turn has been completed.

Hazard Lamps

If cars have hazard lamps, why not scooters? We created a simple one-toggle hazard lamp.